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why does the moon sometimes have a shining ring?

at the time when one can observe the phenomenon, the moon is only partially illuminated from the reflection of the setting sun, so that it can form an overarching shining circle that surrounds the dark part . the shining ring, that grows narrower going downwards toward the tips of the sickle and appears wider and brighter going upwards, is due to the interplay of brightness and darkness. the dark part of the moon appears even darker where it immediately contrasts with the brightness of the crescent, so that directly at the crescent and the crescent’s tips the half-ring is very dark. going upwards the ring becomes brighter, because it contrasts more with the darkness of the skies and the unilluminated moon, which increases the perception of the brightness.

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  1. why does the moon shine?
  2. why does the monn not always shine with the same intensity?
  3. how can the moon reflect light?
  4. why does the moon sometimes shine only partially?
  5. when is the sun's light most strongly reflected from the earth to the moon?
  6. can the moon be a shiny mirror?
  7. why must the moon's surface be liquid?
  8. how does a person see the reflection of the sun in the sea?
  9. does the sun appear to be the same size from all points of the earth that are illuminated by it?
  10. when does the moon shine particulary strongly?
  11. how can one determine the volume of the sun without leaving the earth?
  12. does the moon also shine during the day?
  13. why must the moon have an uneven surface?
  14. why does the moon shine as a whole?
  15. why does the moon have a light surrounding it when the sun is setting?
  16. why doesn't the moon fall to the earth?
  17. why does the moon shine more weakly than the sun?
  18. does water have the shape of a sphere?
  19. why does the moon sometimes have a shining ring?
  20. why is the uneven surface of the moon composed of water?
  21. is the size of the moon in fact due to the expansion of light?
  22. what happens, when winds agitate the water of the moon?
  23. why does the eye see the sun as a tiny image in the sea?

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